Raymond Loewy, the Man Who Made the 20th Century Beautiful

12 You may have noticed the sepia-toned Google doodle today and clicked through to find out it’s a train designed by midcentury industrial designer Raymond Loewy, whose 120th birthday would’ve been today. Even if you don’t know Loewy, I can almost guarantee you’ve come in contact with his work—which decorates everything from the Coke Bottle to Air Force One. Historians often talk about Loewy as the designer of the modern world, thanks to objects like the Coke bottle and Lucky Strike pack—but that’s just the beginning. His reach extended from... Read The Rest →


I was looking for a new USB thumb drive and discovered this sleek one, which is a product of a collaboration between Porsche Design and LaCie. It features USB 3.0 interface with speed up to 95MB/s, and comes with up to 32GB of storage. It’s made of solid steel and has a durable, scratch-resistant connector.

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